Evansville Federal Office Building & Courthouse

Evansville, Indiana

The overall project involved the complete rehabilitation of the existing HVAC systems for the existing 136,000-square-foot facility. This effort included of the central plant, conversion of the existing dual duct and multi-zone systems to variable air volume, and the replacement of all controls and terminal units. The first phase project involved the replacement of two (2) nominal 142 boiler Hp steam boilers with two (2) 150 boiler Hp hot water boilers. The design also included the replacement of two (2) 256-ton steam-fired absorption chillers with two (2) new 380-ton centrifugal chillers. The chilled water central distribution system was modified to a blended temperature primary-secondary network. This project also involved the life cycle assessment of the plant equipment changes as they impacted the future facility maintenance and utility costs.

The second phase of the project included a complete HVAC & lighting renovation throughout the facility, encompassing two federal courtrooms, a general mail processing facility, FBI offices, and several GSA federal office spaces. The HVAC renovation entailed the conversion of a 256-ton dual duct system and air handling unit to a
variable air volume HVAC system and the conversion of a packaged 71-ton multizone unit into a variable air volume unit for the mail facility. A full BACnet DDC control system was over-mapped on all new VAV boxes and system air
handling units, in addition to new control over the central plant.