Franklin County Courthouse

Frankfort, Kentucky

The project included renovation and fire restoration of the primarily 3-story existing historical courthouse. The renovations were conducted throughout the courthouse and judicial facility to restore the interiors damaged during a fire, upgrade finishes and improve smoke control and life safety.

Renovations included converting an unused multistory jail to judicial offices for the Circuit and District courts. A limited fire suppression system was designed for file storage and miscellaneous mechanical and other storage areas.

The heating and air conditioning renovation included: a new hot water boiler plant, renovation of a direct cooling DX multizone air handling unit to a constant volume reheat system, and design of several split system hot water heated vertical air handlers. New HVAC zones were fed from an extension of the boiler hot water system. An analysis for required fresh air was performed, and the subsequent intakes were designed. Upgrades included a new multi-story replacement elevator, and a new ventilation/cooling system for the elevator equipment room.

Renovations of the plumbing system included new plumbing fixtures and new toilet rooms, and upgrades to the domestic hot water controls.

Electrical design included upsized electrical service and new lighting throughout the facility. The fire alarm system was upgraded throughout the facility to add more initiation devices, smoke monitoring alarms, and smoke shut down on main central air handling units. New telephone and data outlets and distribution were provided for the facility in the renovated spaces.