Harlan Convention Center

Harlan, Kentucky

The Harlan Convention Center Facility is a 12,168 square foot serving as Harlan’s tourist and welcome center. It also serves as a venue for dining, meetings, and events. The facility has a full-service kitchen, a 7,200 square foot dining space, and can accommodate 400 in seating capacity for banquets.

This design involved construction of a new convention center that included all lighting systems, power distribution systems, facility fire alarm system, and empty raceways for future telecommunications and computer network systems.

The electrical lighting system was designed to provide general illumination in all areas of the facility with dimmable accent lighting in certain areas. An emergency egress lighting system was incorporated into the general lighting design. The interior electrical lighting system was designed utilizing compact fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts. Where required, these ballasts have the capability of being locally dimmed. Incandescent downlighting was utilized as accent lighting in specific areas and are dimmable with a local.

The front sidewalk area will be lit with post-top refractive globes that are mounted on 11′ aluminum poles. These refractive globes have a traditional acorn-type appearance with metal halide lamps. These fixtures give the front entrance a traditional appearance and make the facility more inviting and friendly. A photocell and timeclock combination were used to control these pole fixtures as well as the in-grade floodlights.

An emergency lighting system was integrated to the interior lighting system of this facility. In the event of a power outage, the emergency lighting system provides egress illumination for a minimum of 1.5 hours after the loss of power. The convention areas, lobbies, and restrooms have fluorescent downlights which are equipped with emergency battery backup ballasts. The exit lights will typically operate continuously on normal power and only utilize their battery pack when normal power is lost. Each exterior man-door shall be provided with two (2) remote, emergency, egress heads for emergency egress.

The Harlan Convention Center has raceway provisions for low-voltage systems such as telecommunications, computer network, and closed circuit television. Telecommunication outlets are located throughout this facility and has two jacks installed in a single-gang, recessed box. One being meant for future telecommunications wiring adn the other to serve the computer network wiring. They are equipped with nylon pullstring to provide these conduits ease of installation of the telephone service wiring.