Knott County Judicial Center

Hindman, Kentucky

The site utility design required several water and sanitary sewer utility relocations and extensions to prepare the site for the new facility. The building was provided with a new fire suppression system to cover the building 100% as per NFPA-13, which included standpipes for the stairwells. Four (4) new sanitary sewer manholes were designed to serve the new facility’s sewerage needs. A new natural gas service was designed to serve the new facility’s boiler, HVAC, and hot water requirements.

The HVAC approach for the building was a hot water reheat variable air volume (VAV) system with a package 115-ton rooftop VAV unit. air handling unit for each floor. Individual zones per unit range from about 13-15 per floor. The gas-fired rooftop unit included an economizer for free cooling during the seasonal shoulder months. Vibration analysis was performed to ensure sound and vibration isolation was incorporated to reduce transmission to the structure. Noise control was also analyzed for critical areas such as District, Family, and Circuit courtrooms, jury rooms, and judge’s chambers. Building heat was also delivered to the building through the use of a cast iron natural gas-fired boiler with hot water circulating loop. The boiler burner included a combination gas-oil burner as per the AOC Draft Design guide. Fuel oil piping was provided for future connection to the remote fuel oil tank. A central direct digital control system was also designed with distributed local and remote control capabilities.

The electrical lighting system was designed to provide general illumination in all areas of the facility with dimmable accent lighting and emergency egress lighting. Lighting calculations were run using the Visual v2.0 program. This program utilizes the zonal-cavity method to obtain an average maintained footcandle level.

Low voltage systems included the following: Facility Security System, Intrusion Detection System, AOC Internal Security Camera System, Telecommunications and Automated Data Processing (ADP) System, Courtroom Audio Visual System, Automated Court Reporter System, and Courtroom Public Address Audio/Visual System.